Vibe exists because arts are missing from the daily educational system.

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We believe art and music are best taught by building relationships.

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Why Portland Needs Vibe

Vibe exists because arts education is missing in today’s daily educational system ~ especially for students without the means to make it happen outside of the school day. Vibe connects local teaching artists who are passionate about bringing their love of music and visual arts to the students they work with.

Celebrating Artistic Integrity

Vibe’s teaching artists incorporate art history throughout all the projects students are working on. Whether its our Pint-Size Picasso classes learning about Georgia O’Keeffe while looking at flowers and painting, our elementary classes are doing self-portraits while studying Chuck Close or our middle school classes learning about Calder while creating sculptures- we incorporate the history of art into every aspect of our classes.

Embracing Mentors

Vibe of Portland believes art and music are best taught by building relationships between mentors, teachers, directors and students. Our aim is to build long-term invested relationships with the students, schools and communities where our programs are implemented.

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Latest News

Look what Vibe’s Pint Sized Picasso artists did during the Winter Term!         The Winter term in Vibe’s Pint Sized Picasso class (ages 3-6) was all about OWLS!  We began each class by reading a new book about owls and talking about the owl themed project that we were going to work on for the day.  During the start of the first class, I asked students about what makes owls look different from other birds.  After a short discussion about owls eyes, wings and … read more

2016 has been a year to remember, and some may emphatically say, to replace. In Portland, we have watched our school district, by far the largest in the state, struggle and falter, and fail to recover.  Our city council and developers have failed to respond effectively to our housing crisis, which has forced families into homelessness and pushed the number of homeless students to levels higher than the recession. Our classrooms reflect our neighborhoods.  As our neighborhoods change and displaced … read more