New New New!

Welcome to Vibe’s new website, new logo, new energy, and lots more that is new, new, new!

2013 was a big year full of big changes and exciting happenings for us at Vibe! We started partnering with an amazing nonprofit, Music Access Project Portland last winter to work on an event. As time passed, MAPP’s director and I realized that we loved working together and had similar goals, outlooks and passions for bringing music (and art!) to kids regardless of circumstances standing in their way, preventing them quality arts access. We thought it would be fun to work together and by the spring, started giving it some serious thought.
Once the summer hit, we asked Vibe’s board for approval to begin merging our organizations and we have been working towards that goal since June. I can honestly say that once we made the decision to join forces, the floodgates of amazing have opened and we have put A LOT of hard work into this merger, but it has been exactly what the both of us needed.

With that merger and natural growth, Vibe is now at 11 school sites in North and Southeast Portland, we have our art studio at TaborSpace in SE and we are working towards more growth, partnerships and making this thing run like a well-oiled machine!

With all the growth and change happening, we decided we needed a new logo and new website that fit our current organization a bit better. Please tool around- let us know if you see anything that is not quite right as we work out any bugs. We are excited to continue our mission to “Empower Portland’s Underserved Youth through Art & Music” and look forward to your partnership with us in this journey.

More to come soon! One of our 2014 goals is to tell the story of Vibe through pictures and video – to share with everyone the amazing kids and amazing successes our kids have while being mentored through art and music. Stay tuned to meet some of our students, our teaching artists and stay connected to what we are doing in Portland.

Thank you!

Laura Streib – founder of Vibe and currently working as the Executive Director and Arts Director