Pint Sized Picasso: OWLS!

Look what Vibe’s Pint Sized Picasso artists did during the Winter Term!


The Winter term in Vibe’s Pint Sized Picasso class (ages 3-6) was all about OWLS!  We began each class by reading a new book about owls and talking about the owl themed project that we were going to work on for the day.  During the start of the first class, I asked students about what makes owls look different from other birds.  After a short discussion about owls eyes, wings and beaks, students did an oil crayon drawing of their owl.  (Pint Sized Picasso Drawing on the right.)

After reading Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, we talked about where owls live and that they are nocturnal creatures.  Students built a forest collage out of construction and painted paper. They completed the collage during the following week by adding leaves, a nest and an owl to live in their forest.  (Pint Sized Picasso collage below.)

Pint Sized Picasso students do many one-day projects but often have one longer project which they work on through the 8 week term.  This winter, students spent 6 weeks working on making their own owl mask!  Below, you will see the steps they took to make their amazing owl masks!

These owl masks are made of paper, glue, recycled materials, tempera paint and feathers.  Our first step was to put a layer of torn construction paper and glue over our plastic mask molds.  The following week we add a layer of glue and paper towel.  Week three we added cardboard beaks and masking tape rolls for our owl eyes.  (Example above)


After another week and layer of paper towel over the cardboard, Pint Sized Picasso artists were excited to paint their masks.  (Example of painted owl mask.)

Finally, on the sixth week students were able to finish their masks.  Thanks to our parent helper, each artist was able to pick out individual feathers and decide where they should be placed on their masks.  Our parent helper used a hot glue gun to help each student finish their mask.  Below are example of Vibe’s Pint Sized Picasso artist’s masks.

Spring Session for the studio begins this week 4/10/17! In this drop-off class for 3-6 year old artists, children’s literature will be used as the vehicle to introduce themes, basic art elements and art techniques to students.  Each 45 minute class will begin with reading a book and include art projects ranging from 2-D to 3-D using a variety of art materials. Cost: $15 drop in for the day, or $90 for the 8-week session. This quarter Pint Size Picasso artists will be exploring shapes.