Student Snapshot – March 6 –

Vibepdxss-2This week’s Student Snapshot highlights Vibe’s Art Studio classes.

Our art studio is located at TaborSpace in SE Portland where we offer art classes for preschool, homeschool and elementary age artists.

Meet Elliot (age almost 9) and Delaney (age 11) from our home school Visual Arts Exploration class.

The Mask Project: artists learned about African Mixed Media masks and how the masks relate to specific cultural beliefs and stories. Their project was to create their own ‘dream creatures’ – mixed 2 animals or 2 different ideas together for their creature. Materials used: plasticine clay for the form, paper mache for the actual mask, paint and embellishments to create the final product.

Delaney’s favorite part of this project was using the clay to make the form for the mask. She took a cat and fancy things to make her ‘fanci-cat’ creature. Delaney’s favorite type of art is drawing (mostly cats!) because she can take her pencil and make it draw whatever she wants!

Elliot’s favorite part of this project was also using the clay to make the form for the mask. Since her favorite animals are birds she mixed up a humming bird and an owl together for her dream creature! Elliot’s favorite type of art is sculpting to create 3-dimensional art pieces. She loves sculpting birds mostly because they are her favorite animals.

Elliot and Delaney have been taking classes at Vibe’s Art Studio for the last 2 years and it has been so fabulous to watch them grow as people and artists as they have been a part of our classes!

Support Elliot and Delaney and our other amazing student artists and musicians by joining us at Migration Brewing on Wednesday March 19th between 4-8 p.m. Bring the whole family for great food and drink while supporting our Vibe Programming & Scholarship Fund! Here’s a link to our Facebook Event Post!

Changing Lives Through Music

Music can be a powerful instrument of social change. Whether it’s being played on the streets or taught within a classroom, music can powerfully shift youth culture and aid children living in poverty.  Venezuelan conductor of the L.A. Sumphony,  Gustavo Dudamel, is an influential musician who believes that music can get kids off the streets and inspire them to achieve their goals and dreams. In his native country, hundreds of thousands of children are participating in el sistema, a program encouraging children to sing and play classical music. This program has been so effective that music organizations all over the world are inspired each day.

Economist Article

Vibe of Portland believes music is a powerful tool for social change and that the expression of art is vital in every child’s life!

Music students in Venezuela