Smashing Color

IMG_3431Smashing Color for Teachers :

Exploring 21st Century Color for your classroom and beyond

Come play with color just for the fun of it as we “smash” traditional theories and replace them with the latest information about color in the 21st century.

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The rainbow colors are not enough to teach about color in the digital age. By adding Cyan and Magenta to ROYGBV, teachers can empower students to explore color both on the computer and in traditional media. This hands-on workshop is designed to help teachers re-invigorate the way they teach color by providing experiences, materials and a resource guide to the many worlds of 21st Century Color.

We all grew up learning that red, yellow and blue (R-Y-B) are the primary colors of paint. It’s one of the first concepts that children encounter in early education. Toddlers learn counting for math literacy, the alphabet for reading literacy, and colors and shapes for visual literacy.

Cyan, magenta and yellow are universally recognized as the primaries for printing but they are also the basic building blocks of color for painters. Understanding the reciprocal relationship between the subtractive primaries of pigments and inks, C-M-Y, and the additive primaries of light, R-G-B, is the key to unlocking the world of 21st century color.

The instructional part of the class will take place in the beautiful VIA Artistica Studio upstairs at TaborSpace – then its downstairs to the VIBE Children’s Art Studio to go back to kindergarten and gain first hand experience with a variety of age appropriate games and projects.

You will spend the day PLAYING with color using lights, polymer clay, crayons, playing cards and colored gels! Learn all about color while having FUN!

On a professional note – the curriculum is aligned with STEAM.  There are many simple experiments and easy ways that students can explore both the art and science of color.